Auckland Occupational Medicine provides comprehensive assessments for employers and third parties to ensure worker health and fitness for work. We carry out a full array of medical assessments from pre-employment, workplace health monitoring and return to work after absence for sickness or injury. 

We carry out assessments for staff or employers who are concerned about possible health related conditions that have arisen from workplaces or when health issues may be affecting work. We can also provide reports for third parties for insurance purposes or employers for cases where medical retirement may be required. 

It is led by a New Zealand trained Occupational Medicine Specialist with a wide variety of industry experience. A variety of corporations and industries have benefited from our services including:

  • Bus and transport.
  • Construction.
  • Hospital and healthcare.                                      
  • Insurance.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Meat and Poultry processing.
  • Retail and Supermarkets.
  • Telecommunications.